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  October 18, 2017

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New Products from Allied Members:

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Promotional Buttons from
Concession Solutions, Inc.

Full color buttons to advertise what your hawkers are selling and the pricing. Bright colorful buttons can also be used to identify employees and to promote new products. These full color buttons can include your school´s logo. Buttons are 3½" round. You can select from our assortment of pre-designed buttons or you can supply your own artwork and we will manufacture the buttons.

With our pre-designed buttons you can select the text color and the price text at no additional charge. We can add your logo either small or ghosted into the background at an additional charge.



Here are some of the services Concession Solutions offers:

On-Site Evaluations

  • Observe complete Event & Daily operations and systems.
  • Assess Equipment needs, life expenctancy and capital requirements.
  • Examine stand design.
  • Evaluate Point-of-Sale to maximize speed of service and customer satisfaction.
  • Review Sanitation and Food Handling Procedures.
  • Evaluate possible internal security problems.
  • Produce extensive report of finding.

Profitability Analysis

  • Analyze current contracts with the food service provider.
  • Evaluate the facility, catering, sky box services, booster & corporate functions, novelties, pre & post game activities.
  • Financial analysis to determine if the current program is generating the proper level of profit and return on investment.
  • Review control and accounting systems to maximize profits.
  • Implement Audit System.
  • Evaluation of Operational Overhead.
  • Labor anlysis to increase efficiency and lower costs.

Product Evaluation

  • Pricing analysis - comparative pricing of similar facilities.
  • Product cost analysis - analyze current product costs and if applicable, suggest cost saving measures.
  • Product assessment based on customer preferences.
  • Product merchandising and promotions.
  • Demographic study of product location.
  • Review purchasing program to increase quality and profitability.
  • Assist client in leveraging suppliers for donations, sponsorships, rebates and program add dollars.

Request for Proposal

  • Evaluate which type of concessionaire contract will best fit your needs. Whether it may be percent commissions, management contract or in-house.
  • Use our expertise in preparing RFP's that will get you a contract that will best meet your needs.
  • Distribute the RFP's.
  • Evaluation of submitted proposals.
  • Contract negotiation assistance.
  • Contract compliance supervision.

Facility Design

  • Evaluate how the current facility can be improved to better serve the customer.
  • Determine and Layout equipment needs.
  • Determine Electrical needs.
  • Prepare computerized stand layouts.
  • Work with your Architects to create a first class concessions facility.

See the link above or contact us for complete information.

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