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  October 18, 2017

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New Products from Allied Members:

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The Original Pizza Logs® are being served in the concession stands of the Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Pirates, Buffalo Sabres and at MetLife Stadium, and the Wells Fargo Center.

Pizza Logs are a gourmet class pizza product made with whole milk mozzarella, superior quality pepperoni and tomato sauce. All wrapped inside an eggroll shaped crispy shell.

Serve with a side of marinara sauce or spice them up with a side of chicken wing sauce.

Pizza Logs go directly from the freezer into the fryer and are ready to serve in just 3½ minutes! They can be kept warm and ready for the big rush under dry heat for two hours and still taste like they were freshly prepared.

Serving The Original Pizza Logs will generate about $100.00 in profit per 72 count case!

For more information please log into our web site at:

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