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  November 18, 2017

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About the NACC:

What is NACC?

The National Association of Collegiate Concessionaires (NACC) is a group of individuals dedicated to the promotion of professional and successful operations at venues on university campuses. The NACC provides a forum for members to share new ideas and concepts, enabling personal growth to create efficient and profitable operations.

The NACC Promise

NACC represents a group of individuals dedicated to the promotion of a more professional and successful concession operation at various venues on college campuses across the country. Our yearly conference is an opportunity for members to gain tremendous teaching and learning experiences. NACC continues to provide members with a wonderful chance to be on the cutting edge of new ideas and concepts in our industry, as well as exploring ways of making existing operations more efficient and profitable. Additionally, the camaraderie and friendships that are developed at the conference make networking within our profession a much easier process. It is through the support of NACC members and vendors that the organization provides the foundation for continued growth.

Executive Board


Supreme Allied Commander

Chuck Aldridge
General Manager
University of Maryland

Chuck Aldridge, University of Maryland

Vice President

Chris Lauber
General Manager
R.E. Arena

Chris Lauber, R.E. Arena


John Gibson
Director of Concessions
University of North Texas

John Gibson, UNT


Alex Terranova
Concessions Operations Supervisor
Michigan State University

Alex Terranova, NMU

Executive Director

Theresa Traulsen
Concession Solutions, Inc. Consulting

Theresa Traulsen, Executive Director NACC

Allied Board Member

Matt Drummond

Matt Drummond, Blackboard

Allied Board Member

Jim Schwandt
Director of Business Development
Partners by Design

Jim Schwandt, Partners by Design

History of the NACC

The National Association of Collegiate Concessionaires informally began in 1980 when the University of Wisconsin, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, Indiana University and the University of Michigan Concession Administrators got together to discuss their Food and Novelty Concession operations, goals, objectives and visions. Each year the group would get together, with their respective Universities hosting the meeting, and inviting other neighboring Universities to join the annual meeting. There were no dues or fee's at this time.

When, in 1986, the group comprised of several Universities throughout the Midwest, the group decided to call themselves the Midwest Concessionaires Association and developed a set of goals, objectives and guidelines. The annual conference was still the responsibility of the host school who underwrote all of the expenses. It was at this time that vendors and suppliers were formally invited to attend the annual conference.

In 1994 a steering committee was appointed to investigate and recommend the direction the association should take. A year later, at the annual conference, the association voted to Incorporate as the National Association of Collegiate Concessionaires. By-laws and an Executive Board were also approved. At this time there were 14 Universities with about 21 active members in the association.

As word got out about the NACC, membership began to grow. The Executive Board were all volunteers and their Universities picked up all association expenses. In 1996 it was decided to charge a minimal fee or dues to all members to pay for administrative costs such as office supplies, postage , coping costs, etc...

From 1996 to 2001 the number of member Universities increased from 24 to 82 with a total membership of well over 173. At the annual conference in 2001, the by-laws were amended and concession vendors and suppliers were permitted to obtain membership in the NACC.


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