Product Development Advisory Committee

Do you want the opportunity to discuss your current or future products? Are you looking for feedback on your items? Now you have that opportunity!! The NACC has created a Vendor Product Development Advisory Committee (VPDA committee) made up of 16-20 members of the NACC to provide valuable feedback for the NACC industry members.

The format for the vendor product development advisory committee meeting is as follows:

  • We will invite eight NACC vendors to present their products. 
  • Each Vendor will present for 20 minutes and have 10 minutes for questions and answers. 
  • At the conclusion of the 30 minutes the next vendor will have 10 minutes to setup their products and have the same 30 minutes. 
  • So on for the third and fourth vendors.
  • At the conclusion of the fourth vendor the committee members and vendors will meet for lunch.
  • After lunch we will continue with four additional vendors present with the same 30 minute format.
  • At the conclusion of the day we will have a short break and then dinner will be available for all the school members and vendors that participated in the Vendor Product Development Advisory Committee meeting

It is the intent of the NACC to provide the Vendors with insightful feedback and/or information that their company can use to further develop their product or find out what is needed or wanted in the concession industry.

The NACC does not endorse or promote vendor products.   University committee members showing interest in presented products will in no way be construed as an intent or obligation by their company or university to purchase presented or discussed products.

The University committee members are not compensated in any way by the vendors or the NACC and all travel expenses are the responsibility of the University they represent.

The following school members could be serving on this year’s committee:

Dave Bullock - Univ. Maryland Chris Lauber – RE Arena
Heather Miranti - S. Illinois Univ. Robin Janney – Georgia Southern
Jordan Wantland - S. Illinois Univ. Zach Hrabec – Univ Maryland
Jed Prettyman – Utah State  Chelsea Luhta - Clemson
Kathryne O’Connell – Univ. New Hampshire  Michael Thar - Clemson
Paul Schertz – Penn State  Chuck Aldridge - NACC  
Angela Peterson – N.C. AT&T State  Shawn Corr – UNLV
John Gibson – Univ North Texas  


The NACC VPDA committee meeting is planned for Monday, June 14, 2021 from 10:00am – 5:00pm at South Point Hotel and Casino with dinner to follow.

There are only eight spots available for vendors, spots will be filled on a first come basis.  Please note that your company must be a participant in the NACC vendor trade show to be eligible to participate in the VPDA committee meeting.

The cost for this great chance to present your product and eat two meals with committee members is $750.00. If you are interested please contact Chuck Aldridge (301) 448-9560 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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