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  April 21, 2014

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Welcome to the National Association of Collegiate Concessionaires (NACC) Website.

The NACC represents universities and individuals dedicated to the promotion of a more professional and successful Concession operation at various venues on college campuses across the country. The annual conference is an opportunity for members to gain tremendous teaching and learning experiences. ...more>>

For more information about the NACC, please contact us:


2014 Conference Outing to Park City UT and Altitude Sickness

The Olympic Legacy Park is located at around 7,500 feet above sea level so altitude sickness is a real issue. To help reduce the symptoms be sure to drink plenty of water (limit alcohol and soda consumption) 24 hours before arriving in Salt Lake City and also while on the way to, while at and on the drive from Park City. If you know that you are susceptible to severe altitude sickness you may want to skip this outing. Here is a link for more information on how to alleviate and cope with the symptoms of Altitude Sickness.


2014 Concession Sales Survey!

The 2014 Sales Survey is up and running and waiting for your input.

Remember, in order to see the surveys of others, you must complete one!

Staying Connected with the NACC

Members, in order to receive emails regarding Forum, conference (both regional and annual) along with general informational updates, you need to subscribe to the NACC members Mailing List.

To subscribe, just log into the members area and go to "My Account" and at the bottom of the page is the form to either subscribe or un-subscribe from the NACC members Mailing List.

NACC members with Facebook® accounts can also find the NACC there. Click on the icon above and join our group.

2013 NACC Conference Postcards

The 2013 conference hosted by Indiana University has ended. If you could not make it, you can see what went on by clicking here.


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