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Site Visit - University Maryland Basketball Game


Several years ago, a few NACC schools offered to host a football or basketball event for any of our members to attend. This provided a great opportunity for our members to see another operation in action. 

University of Maryland wanted to start this again, they invited members to join them at the Saturday, February 24 at 12 Noon when the Maryland Terrapins host the Michigan Wolverines!  Michigan won the game but it was still a fun time for concessions that day!!

They started the morning with a quick tour of the facility and talk about our Concessions and Catering operations. During the event, you were free to roam around the building observing, eating, taking notes, and see how they operate concessions at Maryland. After the event, we regrouped and Chuck answered questions. Catering staff, was invite to attend as well where they observed suite and club room service. 

Our building holds 17,950 and has 12 permanent concessions stands, 2 hot food carts, 1 Chick Fil A Cart and 7 beer cart locations. Beer is sold in all locations with the exception of the food carts and Chick Fil A. We have 20 suites along with 2 pre-game and half-time bar areas. 

This was a free event! Maryland provided you with access for the game and food. All you had to be responsible for was all travel, hotel and any other costs. 

If you are interested in holding an event like this at your operation where other NACC members can come observe an event in action just contact the NACC office and they will provide assistance setting up the event and blasting information out to the membership. 

Look forward to seeing you all in June at the University of Arizona! 

Go Terps! 


Chuck Aldridge, CCM, FMP

General Manager- Concessions

University of Maryland- College Park

President- National Association of Collegiate Concessionaires


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