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When the NACC incorporated 25 years ago Ron Athey took on the challenge of running the organization as the fist Executive Director.  Without Ron the NACC would not be what it is today.  In 2003 Ron retired and passed on the torch to me (Theresa Traulsen), it has been my honor and pleasure to serve as the NACC Executive Director for 16 conferences.  September 2018 Chuck Aldridge stepped up and is now the new Executive Director for the NACC. 

There are so many managers and vendors not in the industry any longer or they have passed away.  They all took a part in making the NACC what it is today. 

Below are a several members that helped shape the NACC organization.  A few of us look a little younger back then.


Ron and Marge Athey with Theresa Traulsen

2   3

Guy – Michigan State one of the NACC founders       Terry – Wisconsin one of the NACC founders

4   5

Ron and George                                                “Get on the Bus” George

  8   9

Ben – FSU                                                         Bill - UA

10   11

                Mickey -Mickey Peanuts, Bob - CSI                Lowell Hickman from UA
                & Kevin - State Street

              12  13

             Jim from Tennessee                       Roy from North Carolina

14   15

Bob from BYU and Ron Athey                        Dave - Texas A&M, Joe - Wisconsin & Brett - NC

16   17

Hope, Theresa and Mike-Wisconsin                         Mona – UK and Carol - UA

18   19

 Debbie - Texas A&M                                  Jed - Tennessee, Ron - MSU and Judy - UNLV

20   21

               Can't tell you how many times Hope               U. Maryland Crew!  Chuck Aldridge New Exec. Dir.

                  & Theresa made beer runs!   


22   23

Terry – Illinois, Craig – Syracuse                          Sherri – Oregon, Aaron BYU

24   25

            Bill K – MSU, Ken – Gehls, Kevin – State Street,              Krystal – Kernal Seasons
            Shawn - UNLV, Carol - Pratt




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